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Reframe Financial is a passionate group of insurance industry veterans and tech trailblazers on a mission to help families prepare for, and manage, the financial and emotional issues of aging.
We partner with the best in the industry to develop new kinds of insurance that address multiple needs.
Our innovations are inspired by bold thinking, the latest advances in technology, and a passion for improving people’s lives.
Nathaniel and his grandfather

It’s the solution my family didn’t have.

“I’ve seen the financial drain of aging first-hand. My family spent over $800,000 to care for my grandfather during his five year battle with Alzheimer’s. I created Reframe so that families don’t have to deal with crippling aging costs ever again.”

– Nathaniel Krasnoff, Co-Founder

Meet our Leadership team

Karan Aneja

CEO and Co-Founder

Loida Abraham


Alec Feuerstein

Head of Engineering

Laura Vail Wooster

Head of Marketing

Ray Dinstel

Head of Insurance Ops

Ryan Currie

Head of Tech Product

Elizabeth Taylor

Associate Actuary

David J. Bidwell

Senior Vice President of Sales

Kristen Martin Eldridge

National Accounts Director

Michael Mazur

Head of Pricing

Bill Holbrook

Director of Marketing

Nathaniel Krasnoff


In The News

Press Releases

Reframe Financial Soft Launches ‘LifeStage’,
A New Digital-First Insurance Solution

Los Angeles, CA (April 26, 2023)Reframe Financial, a leading insurtech company focused on helping families prepare for the financial issues of aging, has soft launched ‘Reframe LifeStage’ – a new kind of insurance designed for the millennial and ‘Gen X’ generations, available through employer groups and associations.

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Media Coverage

Startup to Sell Life-LTC Hybrid at the Worksite

A Los Angeles-based startup will market a life insurance-based long-term care hybrid through worksites and through associations.Reframe Financial hopes to appeal to workers with a modern sales process and a benefits package that includes caregiver support features, CEO Karan Aneja said.

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Startup to Offer Workers Life Insurance With Long-Term-Care Benefit

The company, Reframe Financial, said the product is going through a “six-month soft launch” and will become generally available later this year. Dubbed LifeStage, the indexed universal life insurance will be marketed through employers and associations, according to a news release.

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Startup to Offer Workers Life Insurance With Long-Term-Care Benefit

Reframe LifeStage, a digital insurance offering from Reframe Financial currently starting its soft launch, is designed to seamlessly transition between life insurance and long-term care coverage for millennials and Gen Xers, according to Loida Abraham, chief commercial officer at Reframe.

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